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Créateurs français

LE look à la française : avec leur style inimitable et leur sensibilité, Chloé, Saint Laurent et d'autres créateurs n'ont pas leur pareil pour créer des articles de mode haut de gamme.

Bonjour Paris – these are the best French designers

French designers are regarded as the ultimate masters and magicians of fashion. With sensational creations spanning elegant and classic styles to modern and edgy, they are pioneers of new trends and providers of inspiration for countless street styles, simultaneously. Designers such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent or Longchamp are only a few of the renowned labels that already represent many decades of this very special joie de vivre with superb haute couture: Proud, sometimes slightly arrogant or even snooty, but just as charming, elegant and amusing – and with style. Bags from France are just as appealing as Paris and its fashion: Not only the choice materials but much more the filigree details and traditional handmade workmanship speaks for their high quality and the models themselves. Refined with a pinch of “France”, characterised by luxurious, romantic style elements and chic sex appeal, each accessory receives – et voilà – its proverbial “accent”.

Small and large masterpieces from Paris – bags for joie de vivre

While there are many French designers offering their advantages, there are some design houses that particularly stand out. The brand Chloé – established by Egypt-born Gaby Aghion: Impresses with its soft, romantic and very feminine shapes. The creations of the brand represent lightness and independence, which is why many women can identify with Chloé. At the same time, Chloé gives itself the freedom to combine various style directions, and does not dictate fashion. The Céline couture house stands in marked contrast: in its fashion and handbag collections, it prefers more strict, sturdy and modern cuts. The creatives of the house are not afraid of dominant colours such as a powerful mustard yellow or bold lilac. Lightly provocative and always direct, bags from Céline match people like they are: women with power. Last but not least: An artist. A magician. The master of shoes: Designer Christian Louboutin, whose trademarks are red soles and also now hot studs. He only requires a few words to explain his appeal... just one thing: The striking colour is naturally also an element in the bag creations of the Frenchman.