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Designer Travel Bags

Some need their’s almost every week because they go on a lot of business trips. Others only reach for it once a year – but with so much more joy – because it is vacation time. No matter how often you need a Travel Bag, everybody should have one. At Fashionette you will find the most beautiful ones designed by our favorite designers.

The Best Travel Bag for Every Trip

No more boring travel bags for you! From now on you will discover every corner of the world in style because Fashionette offers ideal companions for globe trotters, tourists and business trippers. Here you will find suitcases and trolley cases for your personal adventure. Bulky bags and unwieldly cases are a thing of the past because Michael Kors and MCM, for example, offer beautiful and practical travel bags for your trip. Suitcase or backpack as carry-on – you decide.

Travel in Style with Suitcase, Trolley Case and Co – New Travel Bags at Fashionette

Fashionable traveling is for sure with these new Travel Bags. Especially Trolley Cases are practical and easy to use. They weigh so little you can pack more clothes and will never have to pay for overweight baggage. Mobility and stability are other important trades of these Travel Bags. The material choices are plenty, too. Whether nylon, leather or plastic – your travel bag will get to your destination safe and sound. Many Travel Bags also have a lock which will give you additional security. There is only one last thing to do: Go to the travel agency and book your dream vacation. We will provide you with the perfect Travel Bag.